Friday, 23 December 2011

Bring on 2012

Bring on Jan 1st 2012 Hello peopley type chummies, & of course any of you spammy types that happen across this so-called blog. I'm back and scribbling again and fully plan on sticking with it this time round, at least until I get the arsehole with it anyway. I have a few races and events planned for 2012 which mostly I have to say still feel impossible at this mo in time. Firstly we have the Janathon - which is totally to blame for these random attempts at blogging by the way - in which contestants have to run every day, log said run and then finally blog about the effer. At the same time I am taking part in Marathon Talk's Jantastic. The main reason for me doing this'un is that one of my race pics appeared in the promo vid for it. I’m sure they will both go the same way, i.e. down the pan. More actual race related events on the cards are Wantage Triathlon, possibly Reading Half Marathon, Oxford Half Marathon and to finish the year off Abingdon Marathon. These last 2 were planned and paid for but rubbish knees put the kibosh on both of these. Wifey has decided she wants to do the Oxford Town & Gown 10k again and wants to try and go under an hour, I have offered myself as her own personal pacemaker as I think this is a much more important goal than my own of the sub 45 min 10k, which I can have a bash at any time I jolly well like. I will try to keep my blogging up to date as there will be much more to report on than in the past, e.g. my swimming, which by the way I can’t do. This as you may already know is a bit of a bugger when it comes to doing a triathlon. Anyroad, here’s to 2012 and keeping you updated. Happy Chrimbo and new year and all that enforced niceness crap. Type again soon. Ta ta.