Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Glasses or Contacts?....

I've worn glasses now since I was about 6 or 7, maybe before, I can't remember, so you'd think I'd be used to them wouldn't you? I've worn contact lenses since my 18th birthday (thanks mum, very memorable that was!) so you think I be used to them wouldn't you?
Turns out I am! 
The trouble starts when I want to wear one but have to wear the other instead. 
Because of the stupid hours I work, if I want wear contacts I have to put them in around 5am and if I'm playing TT then they poss won't come out much before midnight. This in itself isn't much of a bother, except they may start to dry up a little during a match and start going all foggy, the trouble comes the next day if the weather is shite! Wearing glasses in heavy wind and rain is an absolute swine as any specy's out there will already know, so I want to wear contacts again, but I can't as my eyes will simply not allow me to put them in as they have not recovered enough from the previous day's wear. Ouchy!!
The new pair I picked up the other weekend were supposed to stop this, but guess what? They have nae. 
I wore my lenses for just a few hours on Sunday, from around 3pm until 10pm that night then left the little effers in their pot until yesterday afternoon thinking that would be enough time. I did play one game in them at the match last night but I had to take them out after as my vision was shite, and ended up wearing my specs for the rest of the match, which actually improved my game a fair bit as my timing was better because I could see the ball better. It would seem I will have to stick to specs for ping pong. 
But from a safety PoV I will be sticking with contacts for outdoors stuff and Taekwondo. Not so much out of choice in TKD as you're not actually allowed to wear specs in a Dan grading!
Looks like I'll be forever stuck with having to carry my glasses with me, and not on my face either. Bah. 

Today's run was brought to you in dark and grim bespectacled vision. Just the little toddle back home via picking eldest Walker spawn from Cubs. 

Cheers. 👍🏻

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