Friday, 22 January 2016

Janathon, run, fail, repeat.

So yeah, my Janathon is a fail yet again. I might finish one one year. Maybe. 
It's all probs for the best though as I was getting pretty sore in the legs, which is never a good thing when you decide to enter a half marathon. 
Yep, I filled in the guff online and have entered Reading Half for this year. If I get through the training and actually complete the race, it'll be the first race I've finished for a good few years, and I hope I do. I quite enjoyed the Reading Half last time I did it, I think back in 2012. 
I have a target time but I'm not going to share it, you will have to settle for "I wants to get a new PB."
I'm not depressingly unfit so I'm fairly confident of hitting my target, providing I stick to and follow my training plan, which starts on Monday. The bugger will be dragging my arse up out of bed at 4am every morning and out the door. 
It is only a short 10 week training plan but there is plenty shoved in there considering there are only 4 sessions per week. I can always tuck another gentle run in there somewhere if necessary. 

Speak again soon bods. 👍🏻🏃🏻

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