Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Massage needed!

I'm Howdy doody. 

Yes, early run this morning for number 12. The legs are starting to feel it, especially after last night which was very slow - 9+ min miles. More time spent out running equals more foot strikes to the ground equals more stiffness. This morning was sore and tight and just not pleasant. Will try and keep them moving around a bit today to avoid seizing up completely and getting cramp at TT tonight. Still, nice long rest till the next run tomorrow evening (apart from the ping pong match of course), so plenty of time to get the little blighters loose and rating to go. 

Am starting to look at new running boots too, not sure my current pair will last the training for Reading Half as well as the race itself. Don't know whether to go back to Kinvara's or get another pair of Zealot's. Hmmmm, quandaries everywhere. 

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